2019 Alberta Provincial Sugar Art Show Competition Rules

 Please read through the rules carefully.  


.   Participants in the show 10 yrs of age and up are eligible to enter.

.   Cake boards must be iced or covered in fondant and edged with a ribbon.  No unfinished boards, please. 

.   A 24”x 24" space will be assigned for each display and must include space between entries. If your display is larger than 22” in either direction, additional space will be allocated ONLY if requested at the time of registration. 

.   To help with handling and minimize the damage to the entries,  all entries must be footed. For example, you can use small wooden blocks or glue a smaller cake drum to the bottom of the main cake drum that the exhibit will be sitting on.  

.   No commercial flowers may be used on any competition piece.  

.   No non-edible jewelry.  All decorations should be made of edible materials.  

.   If using non-edible items, such as toothpicks and floral wires, make sure you wrap your wires in floral tape.  

Although these are faux cakes you must add flowers using the same techniques as if it were real cake.  

.   Do not use a glue gun on the cake under any circumstances, it is toxic and it is NOT edible.

.   Styrofoam dummies are to be used in all competition pieces(No real cake)  The creation must be able to be recreated with real cake.   The use of plastic decorations is prohibited,  except for cake pillars/cake dividers. 

.   All entries must be the sole work of the contestant.   

.   No one, other than the contestant, may decorate or set up the entry in any way other than just assisting carrying/stabilizing the entry. NO EXCEPTIONS.

.   Entry exhibits may not have been in any competition before.  The entry must be new and fresh.  No cakes from classes or collaborations are allowed.

.   Entry fees are not transferable for any reason or refundable.

.   Your table display must include a brief (one page or less) explanation to explain your interpretation of the theme. The judges are well informed and will recognize most techniques, but if you have done something in an innovative way or you think the judges may not immediately identify something you have done, please help them by providing information. You might include information on various mediums you have used for covering and decorating your cake, flowers/foliage or other decorative items, styles/methods of decoration incorporated, photos of inspiration pieces, etc.  Please include the number of hours your piece took to create.  

.   The show committee and/or judges reserve the right to reclassify any display to another category or division or to disqualify displays that, at their sole discretion, are in poor taste. If an entry is reclassified causing the same entrant to have two displays in the same category, both will be judged, and the entrant will be eligible for more than one prize in that category. The organizers will endeavor to prevent such a situation, but the judges may or may not follow the recommendations of the organizers when reclassifying entries.

.   No advertising of any kind is allowed on or near display tables. Entries must be made in the name of the individual who completed the entry, NOT A BUSINESS NAME.  The organizers reserve the right to refuse any advertising, at their sole discretion.

.   Alberta Provincial Sugar Art Show reserves the right to photograph all entries for promotional purposes.


For more information contact:  Marilyn Ludwig   Email:  albertasugarartists@yahoo.com  Phone (780) 513-0222.



2019 Alberta Provincial Sugar Art Show Competition Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for the following criteria:


• Originality and Creativity  

• Interpretation of Theme 

• Skill and Precision of Techniques used

• Number of Techniques and Mediums used

• Covering, Modelling, Flower Making Skills

• Use of Color

• Overall Design and Appearance

• Proportion and Balance