Welcome to our 2nd Annual Alberta Provincial Sugar Art Show Registration   


The Alberta Provincial Sugar Art Show is open to all sugar art enthusiasts. The competition provides an opportunity to showcase decorating skills, get feedback from our distinguished judges, and win awards and prizes.

We have 4 different divisions that you can enter into. Not all categories have divisions.  Individuals may enter as many categories within a division as desired. However, only one entry per category is allowed per individual. 


Please honestly decide for yourself in which division you belong, based on how long you have been decorating and how far you have progressed. Whether you are self-taught or have had classes, the degree of knowledge and skill is the most important factor in considering placement. If you need assistance placing yourself into the correct division, please contact the show organizers preferably with representative photos of your work.   


Our 4 different categories levels are Junior, Amateur, Advanced, and Professional. 


The category choices are below.   Payment for all of the entries is by Paypal only.   Paypal will accept all major credit cards.  


PROFESSIONAL:  You have been decorating cakes for at least 6 years or more.


ADVANCED:  You have been decorating cakes for 2-5 years.


AMATEUR:   18 years and up.  You have less than 2 years of decorating experience. 


JUNIOR:  Open to students 10 - 17 years of age.   This will be broken into 3 groups: 10 - 12, 13 - 15, and 16 - 17.


 Registration opens on 






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